Kupanda is a pan-African natural raw materials company supplying international customers with plant-based natural products.

We focus on high-value, esoteric natural products from various regions in Africa, that serve as active ingredients for the beauty and personal care, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This we do through ethical sourcing, proactive local community engagement, establishing relevant processing facilities in Africa and instituting robust quality control standards that meet the define requirements of our valued customers.

Our underlying business philosophy lies in balancing commercial gain with social development and environmental preservation.


Amazing baobab oil for beauty and personal care applications. Healthy Baobab fruit power for various food and drink products.


Moringa is moisturising and is high in vitamins A and C content which makes it appropriate for use in body and hair care products.


Ximenia has a high content of mono-saturated fatty acids and presence of oleic acid making the oil non-drying and stable to oxidation.


Marula is rich in oleic acid, which gives rise to its potent ability to improve skin hydration, elasticity and smoothness.