Marula trees (Sclerocarya birrea) are widely distributed throughout the semi-arid and deciduous savannahs of eastern and southern Africa.

Reaching heights of up to twenty metres, the single stemmed deciduous tree flowers bright red sepals and yellow petals, in clusters at the end of its branches. Subsequent pollination uncovers one of Africa’s botanical gems – the marula fruit.

The size of golf-balls, ripe marula fruit consists of a pungent, apple-like odour, and a soft-leathery butter-yellow coloured exterior, which encases an exotic tasting juicy white pulp. Enclosed within the pulp is tighly-held brown-coloured stone, which consists of 2-3 cavities. Each cavity consists of a small, fragile, yet prized marula seed.

Mfula Marula Oil

The fatty acid structure and excellent stability combination makes unrefined and refined Mfula Marula Oil a versatile choice that can be used for numerous modern cosmetics formulations:

  • Moisturising lotions, body butters and lip balms to address dry skin that requires nourishment
  • Suitable for leave-in lotions, scalp conditioners and hair oils
  • Components of lipsticks, eye shadows and make-up formulations
  • Effective for dermatological uses, including: redness reduction, psoriasis and eczema treatments

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