The word ‘kupanda’ in Swahili means to mount, plant, grow, sow, ascend, rise or to escalate.   As a dynamic pan-African organisation, ‘kupanda’ relates to every aspect of our business: from our plant-based presence, ethical and traceable sourcing approach, social development agenda, corporate growth plans, to our valued stakeholder relationships.


Our purpose is to sustainably and ethically commercialise niche African, high-value plant-based natural products for targeted international markets


Kupanda’s purpose is delivered by embracing the following four values, which underpin our conduct in the ecosystem in which we operate.


We have defined high standards of delivery across our business, which are reflected in: the quality of products that we deliver to our valued clients; operational processes, controls and protocols to manage our business; and the professionalism that can be found in interactions with our staff


Given the perishable nature of plant-based natural products, we believe that acting in the pursuit of longevity preserves quality. This value applies to the way in which Kupanda forges long-term relationships with stakeholders, technical innovations and investments that Kupanda adopts, or Kupanda’s operational aspects, such as the way in which produce is stored and handled during transportation.


As the African natural products industry continues to develop, we see the benefit of adopting the philosophy of maintaining proactive and mutually beneficial partnerships. Our collaborative ecosystem includes a variety of ‘traditional’ business, social & environmental, and academic partners.


We understand the importance of balancing the use of our planet’s precious resources today for the benefit of tomorrow. Of particular importance is the need to encourage sustainable farming methods, processing techniques and consumer consumption at manageable levels. Additionally, we see sustainability embedded in our social cause of poverty alleviation through education.