Kupanda is championing the cause of poverty alleviation through long-term education programmes. We see this as the ‘right’ thing to do.

To achieve this goal, we have adopted a ‘building blocks’ approach, and identified short- and long-term initiatives – some of which are intertwined in the way we do business.

Community Engagement

We purchase natural products directly from our network of African communities and engage with various actors – from collectors, transporters, pre-processors to personnel employed at our processing facilities. Community engagement is well integrated in our sourcing approach, supplemented with relevant training and skills enhancement.

Supporting the Empowerment of Women

Many of those who work with us to collect natural products are women. Working with us means that these individuals are able to earn additional income for their families, gain a greater sense of purpose and further define themselves within their respective communities.

Local Educational Programmes

We have established ties with NGOs and social development agencies to support their initiatives to improve educational programmes and facilities. Initiatives that we are currently working on include providing more books and stationary, and increasing computer connectivity and literacy.