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Kowon International Korea Co. Ltd

KOWON was founded by Brandon Ko in 1985. Kowon has made remarkable progress over 30 years, also stands as the main character of sharing experience and knowledge with customers and global suppliers. Connect, the most important value Kowon think of. Connecting each business between different levels of companies in the cosmetics industry is our main job. Kowon has the greatest passion for this role. Like the function of emulsifier to help such raw materials coexist within the stability and synergy, Kowon is helping every business partners to work together with efficiency and success. More than single sales of raw materials, Kowon provide these value by own language. Raw material curation : well assorted portfolio, Recommend trended, Technical support.

Nano Tech Chemical Brothers Pvt. Ltd

Nano Tech Chemical Brothers is a family-run speciality chemicals company, located in India. With our strong presence of 22 years in the industry and representing some of the best producers of speciality ingredients from around the globe, we distribute personal care ingredients targeting varied skin & hair care applications. We offer a comprehensive range of actives, exotic oils, multi-functionals, butter & waxes and other such products that add significant value during the formulation development process. We offer extensive technical services to our clients through our laboratory services, developing prototype concepts and helping our clients achieve their desired goals. Nano Tech Chemical Brothers aims to deliver the best quality products through its top-notch service capabilities to various personal care manufacturers around India.