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Elula Kalahari Melon Seed Oil

Product Overview

Product Name:  Elula Kalahari Melon Oil

INCI: Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Seed Oil

Product Variant: Refined Oil

CAS:  90244-99-8

EINECS:  290-802- 9

Packaging:  25kg net steel drums

Areas of Sourcing: Zimbabwe

Botanical and Traditional Context

As the name suggests, the kalahari melon is a wild fruit that originates from the southern African Kalahari desert. The melon is the biological predecessor to the common watermelon, and is relatively smaller and round, with irregular pale and dark green scattered bands emanating from the fruit’s stalk. Unlike the common watermelon, the bitter tasting pulp is yellow-green, and conceals numerous oil-rich brown seeds. The miracle of the kalahari melon is its ability to withstand the unrelenting heat and drought conditions offered by the Kalahari Desert.

Researchers have traced the use of the seed oil back to the ancient Egyptians, who applied it to maintain a healthy appearance, and as an emollient in cosmetics formulations.

The word ‘Elula’ means to be or feel smooth in the South African language of Xhosa.

Application, Properties & Efficacy

Elula Kalahari Melon Oil stimulates barrier functioning, providing protection and recovery against xerotic conditions. The very high concentration of linoleic acid and γ-tocopherol, coupled with relatively low oleic acid content supports effective skin barrier recovery.

The oil also addresses spots and blemishes, such as acne, due to the significant content of β-sitosterol, which works in combination with linoleic acid. Elula Kalahari Melon Oil contains also contains highly efficient peroxyl-radical scavenging and anti-inflammatory activity.

Formulation and Usage

The following are example formulations where our customers have used used Elula Kalahari Melon Oil:

CategoryForm% Usage (Up to)
Facial skin careFacial cleansing gels, facial scrubs30
Hand & body careCreams & lotions, body massage oil, aromatherapy oil25/100
SoapsHand soap bars, liquid soap20
Lip careLip balm, lip repair cream, lipstick15

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