Corporate Social Responsibility

The scope of our business places Kupanda in a unique position to champion the cause of poverty alleviation in Africa. Notwithstanding the nature and structure of our business, we see this as the ‘right’ thing to do.

To this end, we have a adopted a ‘building blocks’ approach, and identified short- and long-term initiatives – some of which are inter-connected with our core business activities.

Community Engagement

Through our pan-African sourcing activities, Kupanda purchases raw materials from African communities and supports local economy actors – from smallholder farmers, established community Trusts, individual collectors, transporters and pre-processors.

Community Empowerment

Many of those who work with us to collect our wild harvest raw materials are women. Working with us means that these individuals are able to earn additional income for their families, gain a greater sense of purpose and further define themselves within their respective communities.

Local Upliftment Projects

Kupanda has established links with NGOs and social development agencies to support their local upliftment initiatives. Past initiatives, for example, have included the building of a water well in the town of Tajja, Malawi. Other initiatives on our agenda are the provision of school books and stationary, increasing IT connectivity and literacy.

Access and Benefits Sharing

The Nagoya Protocol continues to be implemented through respective in-country legislation throughout Africa. As such, Kupanda has taken appropriate steps to comply with both EU and in-country requirements for benefits sharing.