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Salala Baobab Exfoliant

Product Overview

Product Name: Salala Baobab Exfoliant

INCI: Adansonia digitata seed extract

Product Variant:

  • Salala Baobab Exfoliant 500 (for facial applications)
  • Salala Baobab Exfoliant 1000 (for body applications)

CAS:  91745-12-9

EINECS:  294-680-8

Packaging:  10kg net white opaque polyethylene bag

Area of Sourcing:  Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi

Botanical and Traditional Context

The baobab tree is found throughout Africa and is commonly referred to as the ‘Tree of Life’ or ‘Upside Down Tree’. Standing aloft across the African Savannah, the trees are firmly entrenched in the local culture. The baobab fruit ripens during March to June in Southern Africa, and November to December in the northern parts of the continent. Opening the baobab shell reveals a creamy-white coloured pulp that smothers black bean-sized seeds, which are cold-pressed into oil. The resulting seedcake (by-product) is then up-cycled to produce Salala Baobab Exfoliants.

Consisting of moderate abrasiveness, Salala Baobab Exfoliant 500 and 1000 are ideal ‘hero’ ingredients for dislodging dead skin cells.

The word ‘salala’ means to be smooth in the African language of Chichewa, which is spoken in Malawi and Mozambique – where our baobab seeds are sourced.

Application, Properties & Efficacy

Salala Baobab Exfoliant reduces skin roughness without disrupting the skin integrity, by removing dead and dry skin cells, and results in an even skin tone.

Formulation and Usage

The following are example formulations where our customers have used Salala Baobab Exfoliant:

CategoryForm% Usage (Up to)
Facial careFacial scrub, skin toner6
Body & feet careExfoliating and buffing bar, scrubbing clay, foot scrub10
SoapsHand soap bars, liquid soap10

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