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Nakisa Kalahari Melon Exfoliant

Product Overview

Product Name: Nakisa Kalahari Melon Exfoliant

INCI: Citrullus lanatus (Watermelon) fruit extract

Product Variant:

  • Nakisa Kalahari Melon Exfoliant 500 (for facial applications)
  • Nakisa Kalahari Melon Exfoliant 1000 (for body applications)

CAS:  90244-99-8

EINECS:  290-802-9

Packaging:  10kg net white opaque polyethylene bag

Area of Sourcing:  Zimbabwe

Botanical and Traditional Context

Kalahari melon is a wild fruit that originates from the Southern African Kalahari Desert. This melon is the biological predecessor to the common watermelon, yet this unique fruit has a more rounded shape with irregular pale and dark green scattered bands emanating from the fruit’s stalk. Unlike the common watermelon, the bitter tasting pulp is yellow-green and conceals numerous benefit-rich brown seeds.

The miracle of the Kalahari melon is its ability to withstand the unrelenting heat and drought conditions offered by the harsh African climate. Kalahari melon seeds are cold-pressed into oil. The resulting seedcake (by-product) is then up-cycled to produce Nakisa Kalahari Melon Exfoliant.

Nakisa Kalahari Melon Exfoliant 500 and 1000 provide moderate abraisiveness to facial, body and feet scrub formulations.

The word ’Nakisa’ means to be or feel smooth make pretty or nice in the South African language of Xhosa.

Application, Properties & Efficacy

Nakisa Kalahari Melon Exfoliant reduces skin roughness without disrupting the skin integrity, by removing dead and dry skin cells, and results in an even skin tone.

Formulation and Usage

The following are example formulations where our customers have used Nakisa Kalahari Melon Exfoliant:

CategoryForm% Usage (Up to)
Facial careFacial scrub, skin toner6
Body & feet careExfoliating and buffing bar, scrubbing clay, foot scrub10
SoapsHand soap bars, liquid soap10

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