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Corporate Ethos


Sustainable, ethical, and profitable commercialisation of niche African, high-value natural botanical raw materials and ingredients.


Kupanda’s purpose is delivered by embracing the following four values, which is recognisable across all aspects of our business.


We have defined high standards of delivery across our business, which are reflected in the quality of products that we deliver to our valued customers, operational processes, controls and protocols to manage our business. Further, the quality of customer care and professionalism can be found in interactions with our staff.


Balancing the use of our planet’s precious resources today for the benefit of tomorrow, through sustainable sourcing, optimising the circular economy and environment protection.


As the African botanical industry continues to develop, we see the benefit of adopting the philosophy of maintaining proactive and mutually beneficial international partnerships.


Given the perishable nature of plant-based natural products, we believe that acting in the pursuit of longevity preserves quality. This value applies to the way in which Kupanda forges long-term relationships with stakeholders, technical innovations and investments that Kupanda adopts, or detailed operational aspects.

Guiding Principles

Aligned to our purpose and values are the following five guiding principles that shapes Kupanda’s approach and scope of business activities.

  • Balance commercial gain with social development and environmental preservation
  • Optimise African supply chains
  • Establish and support scalable business-mindsets
  • Establish a collaborative nature of participation with industry, whilst retaining the independence to develop our distinct competitive edge
  • Instill our values in every aspect of our activities, and deal with stakeholders who respect our values.

Code of Conduct

A key pillar of Kupanda’s corporate ethos is to perpetually act as an admirable corporate citizen in all situations, consistently conducting ourselves with a high level of integrity, ethics, honesty and respect with all that we engage with.

Beyond this standard of behaviour, Kupanda’s Code of Conduct is underpinned by relevant guidelines from the UN, ILO and OECD, as well as dialogue held with industry participants.

Importantly, we recognise that Kupanda does not operate in isolation; rather, we work very closely with our ecosystem of ‘like-minded’ business partners – our trusted suppliers and service providers, who valiantly support us to collectively and successfully deliver on our customer’s needs. Therefore, to ensure that Kupanda upholds a consistent set of standard, we require our business partners to fully subscribe to this Code of Conduct.

Click here to download Kupanda’s Code of Conduct.