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A Team Leader of a Global Team

Kupanda (Group) is uniquely structured with a multi-geographical presence, supported with key collaborations in Europe and Africa. Such a footprint allows us to reliably deliver our product portfolio at consistently high quality standards.

Kupanda Ltd, the Group’s parent entity, is domiciled in Cyprus and fulfills the role of our corporate head-office. Key decisions are made on strategy and corporate administration, sales and marketing, production, customer logistics, and quality management.

To meet our customer’s needs, we have assembled an alliance of internationally accredited team of business partners – a combination of specialist toll manufactures and service providers, who subscribe to our corporate ethos. Located throughout Europe, our business partners work closely with us to perform a variety of critical functions, including production, laboratory testing and logistics services.

We have also established selected relationships with European universities and specialist research and development institutions, who are best positioned to collaborate and explore new product innovation opportunities with us. The outcomes are then presented to our customers to enhance their consumer product offering.

Kupanda Africa (Pty) Ltd, our wholly owned subsidiary domiciled in South Africa, is responsible for the timely co-ordination and delivery of raw material sourcing throughout Africa. Located in Johannesburg, our office works closely with in-country African sourcing teams, who are scattered throughout the Continent, yet positioned on the ground and have direct access to village communities, who collect wild harvest and/or grow our farmed raw materials. The Kupanda team in Johannesburg works with internationally reputable shipping lines to arrange all logistical aspects to move our raw materials to production facilities.