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Buhle Manketti Oil

Product Overview

Product Name:  Buhle Manketti Seed Oil

INCI: Schinziophyton Rautanenii (Manketti) Seed Oil

Product Variant:  Refined Oil

CAS:  68956-68-3

EINECS:  273-313-5

Packaging:  25kg net steel drums

Areas of Sourcing:  Zimbabwe, Namibia

Botanical and Traditional Context

The manketti tree (also known as the ‘mongongo tree’) is scattered around southern Africa, usually distributed in large clusters which span a width of several kilometers. Taking a minimum of 25 years to bear fruit, the tree grows up to 20 meters in height.

Manketti trees commence flowering from October, which then leads to fruition during February – April. The manketti fruit, broadly the size and shape of a common plum, emits a pleasant aromatic fragrance. The prized, creamy-yellow kernels, which is rich in oil and nutrients is encased in a protective shell.

Communities have reported using the oil in the form of a lotion, to detangle and strengthen hair, and as a body oil, especially during winter months.

The word ‘buhle’ means beauty in the African language of Ndebele, which is spoken in the northwestern regions of Zimbabwe – one of our sourcing zones.

Application, Properties & Efficacy

Buhle Manketti Oil stimulates barrier functioning, providing film-forming protection and recovery against xerotic conditions. The very high concentration of linoleic acid and γ-tocopherol, coupled with relatively low oleic acid content supports high quality skin barrier recovery.

The presence of eleostearic acid, a conjugated form of linolenic acid, provides a light coating on the hair cuticle, allowing for coarse hair management and leading to smoother, more manageable tresses. Similarly, the presence of eleostearic acid and relatively low concentration of oleic acid leads to filmogen for skin – tightening/firming applications.

Buhle Manketti Oil also acts in an anti-oxidant to due to robust levels of β-sitosterol.

Formulation and Usage

The following are example formulations where our customers have used Buhle Manketti Oil:

CategoryForm% Usage (Up to)
Facial skin careFacial gels and serums30
Hand & body careMoisturising creams, hydration lotions, body massage oils25/100
Anti-ageingSkin-tightening/lifting creams, nano-emulsions25
Hair careShampoo, conditioner, hair mask, leave in lotions, and styling products20
SoapsHand soap bars, liquid soap20
Lip careLip balm, lip repair cream, lipstick15

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