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Seedling growing in crack of old tree trunk
Meaning of Kupanda
Cupped hands holding green globe with leaves
World supply
Lady pouring liquid in laboratory
Quality management
Forklift lifting barrels
Global supply chains
Rural woman holding bowl with grains
Ethical sourcing
Oil extraction pouring
Accredited facilities
Desks in rural school classroom
Working with local communities

Kupanda develops, produces and supplies African natural botanical ingredients.

We focus on high-value, esoteric, natural products from various regions in Africa, that serve as active and functional ingredients for use in the beauty & personal care, and food & beverages industries.

We apply a philosophy referred to as the ‘Kupanda Way’, which is to respect the integrity of the plant’s natural properties, thereby allowing the plant’s pure and unhindered benefits to sustain our lives. This notion extends into every aspect of our business: from our botanical-based presence, ethical and traceable sourcing approach, social development agenda, quality-orientated mindset, corporate growth plans, to our valued stakeholder relationships.